Some of my fav everyday bags are from Mixed Bag Designs. If you've been to a Mom Mixer in Philadelphia (social media event), you may have seen some of their bags before. They make adorable print recyclable and reusable bags for the grocery store or everyday use. They've expanded a lot in the last few years and offer regular bags and adorable … [Read more...]

Your reusable bag can help the planet and also be seriously cute-- we like June 15, Inc's line of attractive reusable bags, made from cotton or jute, which is a natural sustainable fiber spun into coarse, strong threads. We were sent a sample of their Cotton Black Bag ($14.49). It was sturdier than most of the other reusable bags I've seen. I … [Read more...]

Sure my Mixed Bag Designs bag may only have a gallon of milk, some eggs and loaf of bread in it, these days, but every time I use it, I feel like I have just left a posh event with a big bag full of swag. It's full of many memories along with the groceries! These bags were recently used at an event that coincided with BlogHer and were the talk of … [Read more...]

I’m always looking for ways to help the environment and what better way to help than to stop using those horrible plastic bags to hold your food every time you go to the supermarket? Did you know that Americans use hundreds of billions of plastic and paper bags each year? I was astonished to find out the price our environment pays for this … [Read more...]