As a parent you learn quickly that a multifunctional toy is a good thing. If one toy can take the place of three would you want to hear more about that? I know I did, and that is was I was so excited to try out the VRUM ride on storage case . With eight fun character cases to choose from the VRUM ($49.99)  is a 3-in-1 children's product.  You … [Read more...]

Congratulations to our giveaway winners - Cari, Sonya and Tabitha! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love the look on my kids' faces when they see something with wheels under the tree. Here are my picks for some great ride-on toys for every age - and 3 great giveaways … [Read more...]

Kids have the uncanny ability to get interested in toys that are either not age appropriate or in the "get rid of" pile.  Am I right? I know in our house, we'll have frequent toy purging sessions. I'll put together a pile of old toys for Goodwill or Purple Heart and no sooner will I have the pile of "baby toys" ready to go when someone pulls … [Read more...]