Summer brings a whole new world of camp, pool time and family travel. We know many of you will be hitting the road with your kiddos this summer and we know that keeping everyone entertained can be torturous at times! We put together a list of some road trip activity ideas to give you some ideas to help your kids pass the time and have fun while … [Read more...]

My kids got out of school for the summer on June 13th but I have a feeling that today is going to feel like the real first day of summer.  Why?  For third year in a row, we took off in the afternoon of the 13th for our annual road trip.  We got back yesterday afternoon.  12 days, 1,500 miles and 6 states.  Over the next couple of days I'll be … [Read more...]

Labor Day Weekend: The last chance to play this summer. And with all the staycations and roadtrips planned, we're hearing of a lot less stress over plane trips, and more stress over times in the car. We recently sampled a few Audio Books from MacMillan Young Listeners, which are all packaged with a full-sized copy of the illustrated book and … [Read more...]

When I first saw this product, I thought, why would someone need this?  You can get a GPS or use Mapquest.  But upon further investigation, I realized the use for Microsoft's Streets & Trips software.  What I didn't realize at first was that: -it comes with a GPS locator, which is useful and can track your location (plugs into your … [Read more...]

We've been in the car a ton lately. I counted the hours just to make myself a little crazy. Since January of this year - we've logged 40 hours in the car on road trips down to North Carolina (twice) and back and forth to New England a few times. And as you guys can imagine, it's not always a good time in the car with two boys aged 5 and 2, so … [Read more...]

Awhile back, I reviewed the Find It toy for kids, a long tube filled with toys hidden inside of bead like pieces inside of the tube. My kids love shaking the tube and trying to find each object on a regular basis. So I was really excited when I heard about the Peek-A-Boo bag, a mom-made toy that's travel-sized and is a similar concept to the Find … [Read more...]