Here are the details guys - I'm hosting a fun Twitter party THIS AFTERNOON and if you are around watching football, hop on with us and enter to win some fab prizes! This Twitter chat will be hosted by myself, @WhitneyMWS @ClassyMommy and we’ll have LIVE tweets coming straight from the famous ABC Baby Expo in Las Vegas from @OurKnightLife too! … [Read more...]

Have you seen the S1 Series from Safety 1st?  It's exclusive to Babies R Us and if you are an expecting Mom or new Mom, you will not want to miss this line of fabulous looking and functional baby products. Check out Audrey's video demoing the products: Here are the products in the S1 line: The S1 Aerolite™ LX Premier Travel … [Read more...]

Is there anything more daunting than that last day in the hospital? When all the forms have been signed, all tests have been completed, and mother and baby have been cleared to go home. You and your infant walk through those hospital doors and that feeling hits – Oh my gosh! They’re letting me take this baby home? Don’t they know I have no … [Read more...]

Safety 1st® Nature Next™ Bio-Plastic Booster Seat ($11) is just perfect for my 4 1/2 year old son - who still needs a booster seat. We were using a soft booster seat for him, but it kept falling off the chair (with him) when my son would fidget. This eco-friendly seat now also comes in a bright blue. Safety 1st® Nature Next™ Bio-Plastic … [Read more...]

Safety 1st recently released their Naturals Line and I am a big fan! This line does not contain any parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde or dyes and has no harmful chemicals or preservatives - which as a mom makes me happy.For this line, Safety 1st follows the natural product standards set by the Natural Products Association (NPA). The standards say … [Read more...]

My daughter recently turned a year old and quickly got into everything -- so we had to childproof again much sooner than we had expected. So, we turned to products from Safety 1st to make our home secure from our little Houdini. We love Safety 1st's Essentials Childproofing kit ($9.99). It contains 4 Grip and Twist Door Knob Covers, 12 Wide Grip … [Read more...]