When I was little my parents used to sneak off to Vacation Village every time they went to a convention in San Diego. I never really knew what the resort was all about, until I took my own family there a few years ago. It's now more commonly known as Paradise Point Resort and Spa. This soft spot in my parent's heart is now a soft spot in … [Read more...]

I'm a sucker for a good, relaxing throwback of a vacation. Sure I like theme parks and activities. But show me a pool and chaise lounge, a camp program and a luxurious room with a view and my breath goes out in a big giant sigh of relief. I can RELAX. Rejuvenate. For me, that is what the Hotel Grand Del Mar is really about. Relaxing and … [Read more...]

Wants you to visit that is.  I recently had a chance to visit the San Diego Zoo for the first time in about 22 years.  Not surprisingly, a lot has changed. My husband and I along with our two toddlers (and an entourage that included my parents and my brother and his wife) spent an whopping 7 hours at the zoo - and no, we still didn't see the … [Read more...]