I love the golden glow of summer, but not the risk of skin cancer and wrinkles that can go along with it. So I'm always looking for the perfect self-tanner. One that has great color (a must), streak-free application (another must) and is stink-free (ideal, but not a deal breaker). Recently I had the chance to try a new brand that I heard had … [Read more...]

For me, there are three elements that can make or break a self-tanner: streaks, orange cast, and stink. I've tried ones that have great color, but are a pain to apply. I've used ones that are a breeze to apply, but whose aroma announce to the world, "HEY EVERYONE! I JUST SELF-TANNED!" But then I discovered Beautisol. And it just might be my holy … [Read more...]

Love that summer glow. Hate the skin damage. Sun Labs to the rescue! I recently had the chance to try out this Sun Labs gift pack which includes the Tan Overnight self-tanning lotion, Exfoliant Body Scrub and Hand and Body Tan-Extending moisturizer. (The gift pack comes in various sizes ($21-$51) and products can also be purchased … [Read more...]