Not even kidding, I've ranged anywhere from a B to an E in cup size in my life. No joke. (E was when I was a new Mom and breastfeeding, but still, big range, right?) As women, we go through so many changes throughout our lives!  Cup size is one of them!  It's important to get measured pretty regularly because your size can and will change often … [Read more...]

Comfortable bras at an affordable price, I'm sold! Check out the $15 bra sale on I have and love the Ultimate Push Up Bra - retail price is $36 so it's over half off! And it comes in a ton of great color choices. Also while you're there, check out their great selection of shapewear and camis. Love this Flexees Fat Free … [Read more...]

Your pooch. Muffin top. Belly bulge. Whatever you want to call it, if you've had a baby, there's a good chance it's there. You could spend a few thousand dollars on some elective plastic surgery. Or you could get Yummie Tummie. Whether you've just had a baby or had one years ago, Yummie Tummie's extensive line of shapewear is your new best … [Read more...]