We love Mabel's Labels and we love Shark Week so this sale is a no brainer! 30% off the Hammerhead Labels - normally $21, $14.70 for 45! Just in time for camp... or labeling back to school items in the fall!   … [Read more...]

It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!!  Yah!  This week in our house ranks up there with the Christmas in terms of excitement.  I keep waiting for my boys love of sharks to die down but each year it seems to only grow.  I would not be surprised if my 10 year old ended up as a marine biologist someday. So Shark Week officially started … [Read more...]

We're crazy about sharks in our house. My shark obsessed boy continues to be a walking encyclopedia on anything shark-related and we live for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. DVRs are already set in our house for the next Shark Week - coming up in August. In the meantime, he's been thrilled with the Discovery Channel's new book release - … [Read more...]

This may be the earliest I've ever shopped for Christmas but I'm all over using this 15% off coupon code on Shark Week items at the Discovery Store online.  Both hubby and my boys are totally into this week's special theme Are you or someone you know shark fanatics too?  Shop at the DiscoveryStore.com online and use coupon code JAWSOME to … [Read more...]