While I am NOT generally a fan of the cold weather or the snow, there is ONE and ONLY ONE redeeming thing about the wintertime in my opinion - Skiing! Somehow this cold weather girl is a fan. I married an avid skier so it's a good thing I am. And of course now my boys are very into it as well. We live in Pennsylvania. People are often … [Read more...]

Last year, when it came to my kids and skiing, the student surpassed the teacher on the slopes. It definitely scared me a little when my boys finally both hit a point where they zoomed past me and now ski a lot better than I will ever be able to. It was the year we really invested time into getting them both lessons and learning to ski the … [Read more...]

We're packing up for a weekend of skiing with the family.  Skiing is probably one of the only things I enjoy about the winter - I can't stand the cold but I forget about it for a few minutes when I'm heading down a mountain on skis. This year, for the first time, I upgraded my "skiing" outfit.  I had very little before and since we're just a … [Read more...]