This is my final Skinny Cow post of the summer. (I guess technically it isn't the summer anymore since it's Labor Day but I'm just gonna pretend it's still the summer for a few more days because I'm in denial!) I had an awesome time this summer with Skinny Cow. If you missed any of my posts, I got to take my friends for manicures, go personal … [Read more...]

Did you catch my second mission last month with Skinny Cow? I got to go to Nordstrom and shop with a personal shopper!  Seriously that may have been one of the most fun shopping experiences I have ever had!  And before that?  My first mission was a trip to the local nail salon for pedicures with friends. My assignment for mission #3 came in … [Read more...]

Hey all. Remember earlier this month when I took a couple of friends and we went for pedicures thanks to a campaign I'm doing with Skinny Cow? Well Friday was my birthday, which turned out to be fab timing because I was off to Nordstrom for an appointment with a personal shopper to help me try on some great styles and pieces so I could look stylish … [Read more...]

Man, sometimes I have a tough job. Taking 3 friends for pedicures to a local salon recently was a rough gig but somehow I powered through. ;-) The assignment was thanks to Skinny Cow. Have you guys tried Skinny Cow before? A product made by Nestle, they are calorie-friendly dessert treats that are pretty tasty! I used to eat Skinny Cow a ton when … [Read more...]