Skip Hop is the best! I used one of their diaper bags when my daughterwas born and this Skip Hop backpack on MAJOR SALE at Zulily caught my eye today. I love the tassels! … [Read more...]

My boys are big soup fans and they often get soups in their lunchbox. I use Thermos products I purchased at Target. I was recently on Target's website looking at something else and these Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Food Jar's popped up - they are adorable! Love these for packing the kiddos soup, Mac & Cheese or whatever else. Skip Hop Zoo … [Read more...]

I have both a four year old, and a three month old. This Christmas my son is easy. He can tell me what he wants, and even if he doesn't tell me, there are a TON of things that I can think of that he needs (OK wants). My daughter on the other hand needs nothing, but of course I want to get her things, so I wanted to share a few items from Skip Hop … [Read more...]

Skip Hop has debuted two new diaper bags for the summer season and I just adore them both!  Too bad I don't actually have a reason to carry a diaper bag anymore! But here they are - the Duo Luxe French Stripe ($64.00) and Duo Chevron ($58.00) diaper bags.  Both are basically set up just like the original classic Duo (full of tons of … [Read more...]

We love Skip Hop's Splash Bottle Rack ($27 - 34) - which is a new mom essential if you bottlefeed or use a breastpump. Once your little darling starts sippy cups and solids, Splash is also excellent for drying all those tiny parts, utensils and dishes! BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, and PVC Free, the Splash's space saving circular design holds a ton. … [Read more...]

This time every year we rave about our favorite picnic blanket because, with little kids, we all know how necessary a blanket is. This year is the first year, in the 5+ years I've written for Mommies with Style, that I'm changing my mind and telling you about a different blanket. This year, everywhere I go, I take the Central Park Outdoor Blanket … [Read more...]

Skip Hop's Via Backpack Diaper Bag ($70) is one smart backpack diaper bag! With 15 pockets, an easy access diaper changing station, and built-in stroller clips that attach easily to your stroller - it's a must-have for parents! The diaper changing station opens like a book and comes with a cushy changing pad. The built-in stroller clips are easy to … [Read more...]

I haven't done one of these in a while, probably because time keeps slipping by so fast and I'm getting way too sentimental. But now that Little's getting bigger, I'm noticing things she likes, and things I like. For example, she definitely has a few favorite toys. She loves the Teeth teethers from Nuk. I know. I'm thinking teethers are just … [Read more...]

How cute is Middle's new Skip*Hop Monkey lunch bag from their Zoo Lunchies collection? The minute I opened the box, his boring, old lunchbag was pushed aside in favor of the monkey, for all its personality. I was a little worried about the size, because it seemed smaller than his other bag. But it fits a sandwich, apple, side snack and a … [Read more...]

These toys are just adorable and such an easy toy to teach babies to play. I love tossing the Farmyard balls into the air and rolling them around baby A. With a few different textures and each animal making a different sound, its a great baby toy.  We also have the Animal Chime Ball (we have the pig) which my 4-year-old enacts as the Mommy ball to … [Read more...]