I've been to ABCKids show three years in a row now. Every year the show surprises and delights me with clever inventions, and modern innovations that promise to make the experience of parenting (and childhood itself) safer, cleaner, funner, better. This year was no different in that regard. But it was different in many ways from past shows. This … [Read more...]

Ready to hit the road with your baby in tow? Maybe you are just looking for a safe place for your baby to nap while visiting friends or a Grandparent? Save you back and save some time - leave the portacrib at home. There is an easier and more stylish solution to the problem of finding a safe and clean place to lay your baby down. I first saw … [Read more...]

I [heart] baby carrying. Especially with another child, or two, in tow. I laugh as I say this, though, because 6 years ago I thought people who wore babies were strange. I'll never forget working while pregnant at PBK and seeing a new mom wearing her newborn. All the employees exchanged looks: Another nutso mom just wandered in from the food … [Read more...]