While yes, this is a sponsored post, I'm going to tell you guys the Gods honest truth: Neutrogena is the only sunscreen I use on myself and on my children and that's the way it has been for years. We've tried a lot of sunscreens over the years but the one we've had the most success with is Neutrogena. For starters, Cole (8) used to have really … [Read more...]

I'm sure it goes without saying that the most important beauty tip in the summer time is to protect your skin! (But there I go saying it anyway... ha!) We all need a little reminder now and again to keep our skin protected and safe from the sun with the use of SPF suntan lotion! One sunblock product I'm using this summer is Neutrogena Ultra … [Read more...]

As a fair-skinned gal with a history of sun cancer in her family on both sides, I try to always wear sunscreen and also make sure my two kids are protected. I was thrilled to test out some products from Smart Girls Who Surf. While you don't need to surf to use their products, you'll love their paraben free and chemical free products. I was sent … [Read more...]