My first child, Ben, took a while to first crawl. As new parents, we had expected our darling baby boy to start crawling at precisely 6 months of age. It didn't occur to us that maybe he had his own schedule. We'd watch him rock back and forth and excitedly get the camera ready to record that milestone. But then he turned 7 months old and he still … [Read more...]

Introducing a new line of baby products from Safety1st, the S1.  Pictured above, don't you just love the great colors and designs? The S1 Series from Safety 1st is the first collection designed to meet exceptional standards of safety and style, providing parents with high quality products for travel, meal time, and play. With S1, parents can … [Read more...]

I'm one of those people who carries around hand sanitizer and tracks the flu online every year.  I know, I'm one of those crazy germaphobes.  But I remember sitting in my office back when I had one of those office jobsand I'd be searching on the Web to see what level of alert my state was on.  So I was all over this campaign when I heard that … [Read more...]

So I'm sure you guys have seen my many posts about my other website and project that's new this holiday season, the  We have several wonderful advertisers, including Zulily. If you aren't familiar with Zulily, you gotta check them out.  You have to join but membership is free and once you're a member you are offered daily … [Read more...]

As part of our Wisk Review posts, my son and I are targeting carbohydrate stains. If you love to tailgate in the fall, you've got to be prepared for the stains your kids might be covered in, like ketchup (which is considered a carbohydrate stain). Can Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology can help you get them out? Find out at the end of our … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Sponsored Post from is an advertisers on the At Belvedere Designs (also known as, we love words, love design, love typography, love color. We're a husband/wife team and love the flexibility and variety vinyl lettering, wall quotes and vinyl wall art add … [Read more...]

As part of our Wisk Review posts, my son and I did an experiment with a protein stain. There are hundreds of stains, most are either protein, carbohydrate or oil stains. A protein stain can be eggs, spinach.. and even grass (which I didn't realize). Wisk sent my family a box of materials to see if we could conquer protein stains. Our Assignment: … [Read more...]