Remember when everything in an office was gray file cabinets and puke-yellow colored manila envelopes?  We can look back at those as the Dark Ages of ugly offices and happily decorate and organize today's office with pretty and functional office products like those from Martha Stewart's Office Line at Staples! People, this stuff is … [Read more...]

Everyone loves a great family photo, right? And the trend in recent years has been to blow up the best of your photos and turn them into stretched canvas artwork in your house. But doing this isn't always cheap. I've seen stretched canvas photo art priced as high as $1000! Love that places like Staples offer an affordable and great quality … [Read more...]

Last week at the Mom Mixer in Philadelphia,  I was so excited to be able to send all of our attendees home with a Staples Arc Notebook.  Because I love mine.  I may try and keep myself organized online and on my computer as much as I can, but the end of the day nothing beats having a notebook and the ability to keep notes written by your own … [Read more...]

Earlier this month, I blogged about going holiday shopping at Staples.  I talked about how traditionally, I had only really thought of Staples as an office supply store.  It's really evolved into so much more. One of the product categories that they've become a superstore for is anything tech-related.  I was in my local store today and … [Read more...]

Gotta admit, when I think of going out holiday shopping, Staples does not rank high on my list of stores for gifts.  After heading over to my local Staples today, that's definitely no longer the case.  Staples has huge Holiday offers (check out their Holiday Center section online) for the people on your holiday gift list. For one thing, … [Read more...]

I find it totally awesome that big brands like Staples are on board with offering green product options.  Now Staples has Sustainable Earth, a line of organic and green products available online and in-store. They have a variety of Sustainable Earth products like:  All-Purpose Cleaner, Printer Toner, an Eco-friendly Notebook and even a … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago, I wrote about visiting Staples for the Top Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season Event (click here to read post), when I could not stop staring at the Flip Video Cameras. My husband and I take so many pictures of our kids, but we've really slacked off with video -- basically because I can't really work our video camera. Staples … [Read more...]

With roughly 12 days left til Christmas day, if you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet--- Staples can help! As a teacher and now the mother of a kindergartner, I depend on Staples for school supplies. I knew they had computers and phones, but never realized how many top tech items they carried until I attended the Staples Holiday event last … [Read more...]

I've had to start thinking about Back to School shopping earlier than I had planned -- since I'm having a baby any day and my oldest child enters Kindergarten in September. When I was offered a chance to shop at Staples for Back to School, I jumped at it. This week, they have some really fantastic things on sale, plus a $5 off of a $50 purchase and … [Read more...]