Last day for the Flash Sale I posted about yesterday at Stella & Dot! The bag I featured yesterday sold out and I bet my other favorite, the Gitane Tassel Necklace will sell out today. It's normally $69, on sale for $41.40 or $48.30 (depending if you pick silver or gold). … [Read more...]

Awesome Flash Sale today and tomorrow on Stella & Dot! Check out all of the goodies that are on big sale. Love some of these for teacher gifts! My fave is the Getaway - I just bought it myself. Shop for any of these on Stella & Dot's website while the prices are awesome. … [Read more...]

Gotta love fall weather. I am happy as a clamthese days where it's 75 most of the day but crisper in the morning. Monday I woke up and had the best run - I went out hoping to run 4 miles. I've been fighting a cold for weeks now that has definitely mucked with my workout mojo. I went out and felt so great, I ended up running 5! I came home and … [Read more...]

I've been wearing Stella & Dot for years now and have spent God-knows-how-much money on jewelry and purses. I'm addicted! I've been to many parties with different hosts and many have commented how I should be selling it since I know so much and buy so much of the line. But I'm TOTALLY not a direct sales person so I have always said no. I … [Read more...]

So last time Stella & Dot had a flash sale, I got this Helena Necklace at 50% off and I am obsessed with it. I have been wearing it a ton and ALWAYS receive compliments. And I'm all about the 50% off! Stella & Dot is having another flash sale on the following items - get them while they are on big sale! Ends today at 9 pm PT. Stella … [Read more...]

It took all of 5 minutes from the time I received the email from my Stella & Dot rep & friend Jen for me to get shopping and drooling over some of the new fall items from Stella & Dot.  I still had some credits to use up from a party I had in the early spring and it certainly didn't take me long to find something to spend them on. I … [Read more...]

Back in March, I hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show at my house. I ended up with some hostess credits that I didn't end up spending for one reason or another. But as I'm off to Florida again, I decided to take a look on the site to see what may be new and what I could get. One of the things I ended up ordering which I just adore is the How … [Read more...]

Okay you got me, people. I have no Fashion Friday post because I've had another crazy week of multiple event planning. And, last night I hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show at my house with some of my good girlfriends and boy did we have fun! So for today's Fashion Friday, I'm sporting the "I  need to crawl back into bed but I have kids to … [Read more...]

You guys may have seen me posting here or on Facebook about Gabby Vogel, a local girl sick with cancer.  Sadly, she lost her battle and life on 9-11.  The story is horribly tragic and there are just no words to explain why something like this has to happen or words of comfort that seem to make sense to say to her parents. Her family has … [Read more...]

If you haven't heard of Stella & Dot jewelry, you will soon. I was recently introduced to this awesome company by my friend Jen (and fellow MWS writer) who is also a Stella & Dot jewelry stylist. The company, which is a little over two years old, is run by some amazing women (one who started and sells incredible and … [Read more...]