You all know the 2 minute brushing rule, right?  We are SO bad about it.  I try and get the kids to continue to brush but they complain it's sooooo long and honestly, 2 minutes does feel long when you are brushing! Firefly Toothbrushes offer a fun answer to keeping your kids engaged for the full 2 minutes.  These brushes light up - green, then … [Read more...]

Working out several days a week, my clothes can sometimes get a little bit extra... funky smelling by the time they get to the washing machine.  I'm totally into using Downy Unstopables now when I do my wash. Seriously you guys, I LOVE the smell of this. Sometimes I just open the cap of the container and give it a whiff just to enjoy the smell. … [Read more...]

When it comes to stockings, the kids are easy.  There are plenty of small toys and candy that fit right into a child's stocking. But what about Mom and Dad? I have a great suggestion for Moms:  Tide to Go Pens.  I feel like this is something beyond the usual scope for a stocking.  But really it shouldn't be, especially for a Mom. Here's … [Read more...]