While yes, this is a sponsored post, I'm going to tell you guys the Gods honest truth: Neutrogena is the only sunscreen I use on myself and on my children and that's the way it has been for years. We've tried a lot of sunscreens over the years but the one we've had the most success with is Neutrogena. For starters, Cole (8) used to have really … [Read more...]

Poor Cole has very sensitive skin. I've talked about it a bit on the blog here before but he basically gets patches of eczema in the summer months. He's just fine in the winter but the combo of the pool chlorine, sun and sun tan lotion is just too much on his skin - especially the back of his legs and his feet. In previous years, we've had nights … [Read more...]

The kids don't know it yet but we're headed down to Orlando next week for spring break! After the long winter we've had (and now what looks like a cold spring), some sunshine could not come soon enough. But of course with sunshine comes sun damage and bringing our pale white Philadelphia skin down to the Florida sunshine calls for some … [Read more...]

Oooh this one is just so much fun. I happened upon this in the grocery store aisle last week and it's all I've been using pool and beachside since. Hawaiian Tropic makes this Shimmer Effect Sunscreen with SPF 20 and here's what I love about it - included in the sunscreen is a little sparkle. Using prestige minerals the sunscreen gives your … [Read more...]

Do you have any summer skin-care related questions?  Wondering what product is right for you and your kids?   Will you be online tomorrow from 1-3 pm ET?  Tomorrow on Facebook, family lifestyle expert Amy Goodman will be chatting live on the Facebook fan page for Banana Boat.  She'll be there to interact with you and answer any questions you … [Read more...]

My family and I have been vacationing at our shore house for the past few weeks. Recently, we were at the beach when my very fair, red-headed son wanted to take a nap under our umbrella. Later that night, I realized that while sleeping under the shaded umbrella, he had gotten burnt. (Yes, he had sunscreen on, too. He is that fair!) I was horrified … [Read more...]

Ahhh... summer. Sprinklers, swimming pools, sundaes and ... sunburn. Okay, I can do without the latter. I'm always willing to try out a new sunscren that the kids won't mind, and neither will I, to protect their cute little faces and perfect skin. Substance Baby Natural Sunscreen has an SPF 30 and includes zinc oxide--making for an even stronger … [Read more...]

Why pay more for a brand name when you can get the same stuff for less?  I didn't have any idea CVS had its own line of sun protection & outdoor skincare products.  I recently sampled a bunch and have to say I was impressed with the quality of everything - which I thought was on par with most of the more expensive sun lotions I usually … [Read more...]