Honestly, where were these cool-looking booster seats when my kids were little? I would have loved to use something like Svan's Lyft Booster Seat at our family dining table over some of the plastic, ugly-looking ones I used with my son Nate eight years ago. This modern booster seat has a sleek and urban design that fits right into your home and … [Read more...]

High chairs are not often known for their style. Plastic behemoths, too-loud colors and cheap materials abound. But then there is Svan. Their high chair has been one of my favorite pieces of baby gear since I initially discovered it with my first child. And now they've given it an upgrade to add even more features. The newly remodel, redesigned … [Read more...]

Unlike other baby gear that you might pull out every once in a while to use, a high chair is usually a fixture in the kitchen and gets used multiple times a day. So while it's important for it to be practical, it doesn't hurt for it to be easy on the eyes too. The Svan Chair by Scandinavian Child is the perfect blend of functionality and … [Read more...]