After having my daughter I decided to give swaddling a try, but I found it extremely difficult to get it right. I was horrible at using the blanket to swaddle, and had a little bit of luck with the sleepsacks that had swaddle pieces attached. Somehow her arms always got loose. Then I found Love To Dream's solution to this problem...the ┬áLove To … [Read more...]

I'm a huge fan of the swaddle. All three of my kids were calmed and comforted by being wrapped in a blanket cocoon. But finding the perfect blanket for swaddling isn't always easy. We've tried dozen of blankets over the course of our three kids, and below I wrap up (ha ha) my favorite swaddlers. Giggle Better Basics Organic Swaddle Blankets (set … [Read more...]

For tired, new parents, swaddling is a lifesaver to calm your babe down -- and Summer Infant's SwaddleMe Blanket by Kiddopotamus ($10.99) is so simple to use. Simply align your babe's shoulders with the top of the open wrap. Tuck your child's legs inside the leg pocket and then open the tab at the top of the leg pocket. Then wrap the left wing over … [Read more...]

A few friends and I were recently discussing baby sleeping habits. My kids were big swaddlers and the huz swaddled them tightly. Really tightly. And they slept great. So, I didn't "get" the point of a sack. Why not just continue using a swaddle blanket? Two words then occured to me: Kick out. Ahh, now I remember... it only takes a few weeks for … [Read more...]