It took a weekend at the beach over Memorial Day Weekend to realize that I'm in dire need of a new bathing suit! I've been in the market all week and here's a few I shopped around for: Athleta is one of my main go-to stores for a bathing suit. I got this Shirrendipity Halter Bikini Top over the winter for a trip to Florida and I love it. … [Read more...]

You know how there's never two snowflakes that are alike?  I feel like we can pretty much make that same statement about women.  We may have similarities but we each have different body types and shapes.  And thank God for that, how boring if we were all the same, right? Lands End recognizes that women come in all shapes and sizes and they … [Read more...]

Someone somewhere is calling what we have going on here in Philly "Spring," but it certainly doesn't feel like spring temps when it's still in the 30s around these parts.  Nonetheless, I got a little taste of summer last week when I headed down to Orlando with my family for Spring Break. I brought my new Lands End swimsuit that I'm happy … [Read more...]

There were two reasons that our Disney trip was unswimmable: 1. the un-Florida-y weather that week and 2. the Luna pool at the Boardwalk Villas was closed. But that doesn't stop me from telling you just how great the Azula is for your vacation/summertime adventures at the pool. The Azula is a little butt-matt protects your swimsuits from … [Read more...]

My daughter loves wearing her goggles in the pool. Of course, when she takes them off and leaves them poolside, they are left along with everyone else’s! Before we had Taggoggles on her goggles, it was nearly impossible to find which ones were hers. Now that she has them, her goggles stand out from the others and are easily … [Read more...]