Looking for a few more ideas to stuff in the stocking? Budclicks allow your tween or teen to personalize their earbuds with a wide variety of designs, symbols and characters. From flowers, stars and ladybugs to skulls, cupcakes and 8 balls, BudClicks take boring white earbuds to the next level. Simply choose your style, click them on to nearly any … [Read more...]

Maybe I should be glad I have only boys? Here's my niece vlogging about her five favorite Juicy Couture charms for her Juicy Couture charm bracelet. Her favorite product for a present? The Silver Starter Charm Bracelet. I found it for sale at various websites including Piperlime ($42) or in Gold for $35 at Neiman Marcus, and of course on the … [Read more...]

For the past couple of years, a common question on the Mommies with Style boards - and to the blog - have been surrounding gifts for tweens and teens? And aside from Ciaran, none of us have any tweens for kids yet. I've had my own questions each holiday and birthday season - with two nephews (12 & 14) and a niece (13), I've often been … [Read more...]