The coupon code is HAPPYMONDAY at on any order. There's no minimum to get 40% off and if you spend over $199, you get 50% off. I spent $201 so I was pretty impressed with my coupon code using skills because I ended up getting 50% off that order of all my holiday cards and return labels. This is probably close to my 10th year … [Read more...]

This is the deal of the day! Apersonalized iPhone case from Tiny Prints - for40% off today and tomorrow only with coupon code:0324DEAL I have a couple in my cart right now - which one should I pick?   … [Read more...]

I meant to post this earlier but I've been too busy stuffing my face and binge watching My 600-Lb Life on the Learning Channel. (Not even kidding - that was me all day yesterday!) Seriously. There have been some awesome coupon codes and I'm back in the saddle so I'll share with you guys today and of course especially tomorrow with Cyber Monday. … [Read more...]

Efficiency is what it's all about at this time of year.  I love how I order my Christmas cards, ask for a FREE proofread from a real human and STILL, within an hour I receive an email that my cards are approved and on the way.  That place just churns the out this time of year!  And it's no surprise.  I've been ordering from Tiny … [Read more...]

30% off at - SITEWIDE!!  Today and tomorrow only!!  I just ordered my pictures as I always do around Thanksgiving so it was awesome to get 30% off!  They seriously only do a 30% off code once a year and it's today only so if you grabbed great holiday picts of your kids and family, now is the time to get ordering! Use coupon … [Read more...]

Man, I only just noticed this in my inbox and I'm kicking myself that I don't have any holiday photos ready for printing!  Today only, you can order off and get 25% off your order!  What a deal! I'm totally not organized enough to be ready but if you are, go for it and get shopping savvy holiday-photos-ready sister! Use … [Read more...]

Use coupon code DOD112 to receive 25% off your ENTIRE order of Holiday cards at today and tomorrow only! (Ends end of Thanksgiving day!) Take advantage! I saw there are a few more coupons the next few weeks but nothing as high as 25% off. … [Read more...]

So I'm in the process of combing through all of the amazing designs at to order my annual holiday cards.  As usual, I'm overwhelmed but the assortment of beautiful designs to choose from! I'm also thinking I may do two sets this year - Christmas cards for those who celebrate, and generic Happy Holiday cards for those who don't. … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, I changed my Twitter name.  When I signed up three years ago, Twitter was just another random website and random offering - no one knowing how big it would really become.  I used the name "mommieswstyle" - note the "w" instead of the "with."  I couldn't fit with as they had a character limit.  I didn't realized the … [Read more...]

If there's one company I know I can count on for quality, its Tiny Prints. So when it comes time to order for announcements, greetings or birthdays, I instantly go there. This time, it was Little's first birthday. (I know. I couldn't believe it either!) I had no idea what theme to do, or even where to start. But I knew I wanted classy. And I … [Read more...]