As a parent you learn quickly that a multifunctional toy is a good thing. If one toy can take the place of three would you want to hear more about that? I know I did, and that is was I was so excited to try out the VRUM ride on storage case . With eight fun character cases to choose from the VRUM ($49.99)  is a 3-in-1 children's product.  You … [Read more...]

Two of the cutest new baby toys out from Bright Starts include the Bright Starts Having A Ball Alphabet Pop Top (Amazon, $29.99) and the Bright Starts Roll & Chase Bumblebee (Amazon, $25). Cole (5) took one look at the Alphabet Pop Top and proclaimed that baby toys were much better today than they were when he was a baby.  (All those … [Read more...]

We've been a fan of Wall Candy Arts for years now.  We have several of their chalkboards from them in our basement that the kids love to draw on.  Here's what neat about Wall Candy Arts - these are stickers.  They peel right off of paper and onto your walls. Even better, there's no damage or pulling to your paint or wallpaper when you want to … [Read more...]

Munchkin has some great new bath products to entertain your own little munchkin in the bath - check 'em out: Gone Fishin' Bath Toy - it comes with a fishing pole to cast and "fish" for the three aquatic toys (a crab, fish and star). The animals can be filled with water to squirt for endless fun (or in our case, a brother on brother water … [Read more...]

Kids have the uncanny ability to get interested in toys that are either not age appropriate or in the "get rid of" pile.  Am I right? I know in our house, we'll have frequent toy purging sessions. I'll put together a pile of old toys for Goodwill or Purple Heart and no sooner will I have the pile of "baby toys" ready to go when someone pulls … [Read more...]