I’m sure that every Mom who has a daughter can agree that barrettes and clips are made for staying in hair. They’re not for falling out and getting lost or letting hair come loose in the middle of the day! When I was introduced to No Slippy Hair Clippy many years ago, I couldn’t believe the clip actually stayed in my daughter’s fine baby … [Read more...]

I recently went on vacation with my husband and two kids and we decided to test out a bunch of fabulous products that I will be reviewing over the next several weeks! I will be sharing my children’s and husband’s opinions as well. The first product is one that we used over and over again and were thrilled that we had it with us. My husband … [Read more...]

I love giving original, thoughtful gifts to a friend when they have a new baby and I have a few mainstays on my list. However, my latest find will be added to the top of my list from now on! Mitetees carries a line of awesome tees that will have your friends oohing and ahhing over them! Mitetees sent me their Production tee that I thought was so … [Read more...]