jill-e makes designer camera bags for women.  At first I was thinking, what would I use a camera bag for?  I have so much to tote around on a daily basis (and I've been out of the diaper bag stage for over a year).  But when delved into my bag, I realized that much of what I carry is electronic.  Currently in my purse:  wallet, iPhone, … [Read more...]

I’m always searching last minute for some sort of bag that my kids can take trick or treating with them on Halloween. I always forget until it’s the night before and scramble to find something that is cute and sturdy for the loads of candy my kids come home with. So when I was sent a Custom Trick or Treat Tote to check out, I was thrilled to … [Read more...]

I love giving personalized gifts! My kids love anything with their name on it and I love giving something that I think will last much longer than a toy. Kalax Creations makes a variety of hand painted products which are perfect for any occasion. They offer high-quality ceramic and plastic products, which are individually hand-painted from a broad … [Read more...]