Earlier in November at Mom Mixer, Bloggers were introduced to one of Hasrbo's hot holiday products for this season - the Furby Boom ($40 on sale, Amazon).  The Furby Boom is an interactive toy for kids ages 6+ and it's really something. Your Furby Boom talks to you and interacts with you based on how you treat it.  It even develops it's own … [Read more...]

There's just something about these toys that make me laugh, want to shout ROAR and stomp around. I can't help but love the entire line of WWE® toys like this WWE® Championship BRAWLIN' BUDDIES™ Sheamus Action Figure from Mattel for $24.99.  When you squeeze it, it talks in Sheamus' actual voice and says 10 different phrases that are … [Read more...]

The Stunt Buggy by MyWebRC.com is a fun remote control car that defies gravity but climbing walls, up garbage cans and whatever else you steer it up! It drives crazy fast!  A boy's dream!  It charges up for 30-40 minutes and can run up for up to 25 minutes.  The remote control has a range of up to 60 feet. You can  buy the RCBuggy on … [Read more...]

Yesterday, Cole and I headed over to our local Learning Express toy store.  They were having a huge Columbus day store-wide sale, and it's also getting close to Cole's 5th birthday.  Each year we go to Learning Express and make a "birthday bucket" which is basically like a kid's wish list of toys they want to get. We do it for family & … [Read more...]

As typical for January in Philadelphia, the weather's been pretty nasty.  (See my Ice Storm Photos post on Mommy with Style from earlier today!)  Besides the storms we've been having, it's just been that painfully cold kind of weather where you don't really feel like leaving the house. Combine that with Martin Luther King Day and one day of … [Read more...]