If you have one who is a Disney PLANES fan, this is a really cute toy for the holiday season!  Disney PLANES Dusty Crophopper is $39.97 on Amazon and it's remote-controlled with wings that attach to the kids.  They control the movement my mimicking flying around themselves - so cute, right? There are some pre-programmed moves that work at the … [Read more...]

Once a boy, always a boy. All us Moms know that our hubby's are just kids dressed up in an adult body, right? Which is why you know he'd love a chance to play with this new toy from HEXBUG - the HEXBUG Spider XL ($39.99) It's 65% larger than the original HEXBUG spider and has a two-channel remote so if you have two kids and want to get two, you … [Read more...]

A few years ago my extended family's collection of Playmobil finally got passed down to my kids. Played with by countless of my cousins, including my brother and I, the collection of figures, vehicles, horses, hats and accessories brought back great memories as I watched my kids now play with the same pieces. Fortunately Playmobil has kept busy … [Read more...]

We love our local toy store. While I do shop at national chains, I also spend much of my time visiting our local toy store. Partly I love that I'm supporting the local guy but I also like seeing some of the more unique toys and lines that they offer that I can't find at our national stores. I actually got my kids some Zoob toys (see the image) at … [Read more...]

Here's a cute new toy for their Easter baskets: Fijit Friends Newbies. These handheld toys are like their parent counterparts but smaller and pocket or hand-sized. Like the regular sized Fijit Friends, the Newbies are interactive toys that sing, dance and have their own personality. They are cute-looking and colorful and I think this would … [Read more...]

AND THE WINNER IS....Congratulations to our lucky winner of the LeapFrog LeapPad giveaway - Marcia Campbell.  Thanks to all who entered and check back soon on Mommies With Style for additional holiday products from LeapFrog! More giveaways of new LeapFrog products coming soon! * CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED … [Read more...]

Yesterday, Cole and I headed over to our local Learning Express toy store.  They were having a huge Columbus day store-wide sale, and it's also getting close to Cole's 5th birthday.  Each year we go to Learning Express and make a "birthday bucket" which is basically like a kid's wish list of toys they want to get. We do it for family & … [Read more...]

It's never too early to find a great stocking stuffer and I'm picking this one for a top stocking stuffer choice for the 2011 Holiday season! I first hear about Shoulder Buddies at BlogHer, where I got a sample Shoulder Buddies to bring home to my kids along with some other toys.  This little toy didn't seem like much to me.  It reminded me of … [Read more...]

While this technically belongs to my 7-year-old, I think my 37-year-old "other" child has been having more fun with this.  (As have I!)  Perplexus is a maze game.  Using the 3-dimensional toy, players have to try and keep the marble on its path.  As you move, you come across barriers and are challenged to get around them without dropping the … [Read more...]

Looking for the perfect gift for a truck obsessed little boy or girl? The new Hess Toy Truck and Jet is now on sale (and perfect for a holiday gift). This is the first time that an aircraft has been part of a Hess Truck set. 14-wheeler tractor trailer features a flatbed trailer with hydraulic lift and runway lights that doubles as a launch pad for … [Read more...]