Do your kiddos love Pokemon? Do you? With two boys in the house, we're like Pokemon central over here. My boys have been playing Pokemon in various incarnations since they were small and their love for it doesn't seem to be waning as they get older! PokemonGo only fueled the fire last summer and then with the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon … [Read more...]

The brand new trailer for STORKS is debuting Monday night August 1st. To celebrate, @ClassyMommy and @WhitneyMWS are hosting a Twitter chat with over $1000 in prizing! From the studio that delivered The Lego Movie, now comes STORKS releasing in theaters on September 23rd. Join us to chat about the brand new STORKS trailer and get excited for this … [Read more...]

Hi all, I can't tell you how excited I am about this one! I've been using TidePods since I first posted about them the weekend of the Oscars back in February. TidePods are small, convenient and easy to use! Simply pop the pod into your washer and you're good to start your load. No more measuring out detergent or any messy spill … [Read more...]