These are so cute!  On sale starting today while supplies last, these umbrellas are normally $19.99!  Get a cute Crocs umbrella for $9.99! (And be sure to check out the rest of as they have up to 70% off on lots of other items right now!) … [Read more...]

Who needs a boring yellow rain slicker? Kidorable makes awesome rainwear for children -- as well as many other children's accessories like knitwear (inc. winter hats, gloves and scarves), backpacks, and towels. Their products are grouped by use as well as fun themes -- choose from such fun styles as Bee, Butterfly, Dinosaur, Fairy, Fireman, Frog, … [Read more...]

Each time one of my kids stomps in a puddle, I have a little moment of deja vu.  I remember all too well the joy of splashing in puddles from when I was their age.  And I sound like my Mom when I tell them, "don't jump in the puddles!" Big shocker - they don't listen, and I have to laugh and accept that this as one of those battles not worth … [Read more...]