So I'm still here. I took a beautiful 6 days off over the long weekend with the family down in Marco Island, Florida {hotel: Marriott Marco Island}. It was glorious. The first few days were in the high 60s and a bit windy so not exactly tropical but it beat being at home in the ice and snow. And then these last few days - perfect. High 70s - not … [Read more...]

I know what you think of when you think of Vegas - smoking, gambling, strippers, 24-hr all-you-can-eat buffets - not exactly many moms' idea of a great getaway. But then again, you probably have not heard of the Vdara. Not quite two years old, the Vdara is one of the newcomers to the Vegas strip that offers a perfect setting for moms to relax, … [Read more...]

Dream Vacation Checklist: The Kids Want: To Frolic in the pool To play on the beach To go on a fun scavenger hunt Restaurants that serve food they like and have crayons and coloring books To be treated kindly by hotel staff, despite the fact that they leave a crumb trail Complimentary Pool Noodles and Boogie Boards Organized … [Read more...]