Hey Moms - if you are around today, please join me for a really important Twitter Party. I'm hosting a Saving for College party with Vanguard. Are you saving for your kids college? Do you feel like you have a handle on it or are you totally overwhelmed? No matter what you answered, there is always something to learn about your options and the … [Read more...]

Another quick post with some notes on my day at Vanguard last week.  Our last session was about Saving for College.  Here's what I got from it: 529 Plan is the best vehicle for saving for college.  Why? Depending on the state you live in, you can get a tax deduction for contributions you make into the plan The assets in a 529 Plan grow … [Read more...]

My eyes tend to glaze over and I do whatever it takes to get distracted when hubby starts talking about finances. I know it's bad, I know it's wrong but sometimes, thinking about investing, retirement, the kids college savings can be pretty daunting! So when I got an invite to attend a day at Vanguard for Mom Bloggers, I was all in.  I was … [Read more...]