Earlier this month, Mom Mixer with Vaseline introduced 180 Mom bloggers from the Philadelphia area and beyond to several brands and products.  One of the two products Vaseline brought to the event is a brand new product release, just in time for the cold weather!  It's Vaseline's Lip Therapy Rosy Lips and it's everything you love about the … [Read more...]

While I have reviewed and checked out Vaseline® Spray & Go® Moisturizer a few times, I hadn't tested out their Cocoa Radiant scent until this past weekend at Mom Mixer.  If you haven't checked out Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer yet, it's a quick and convenient way to to moisturize.  It sprays on very lightly, you rub it on quickly and … [Read more...]

A follow up to my Monday post about my trip to Manhattan for New York Fashion Week with Vaseline is a fun giveaway for my readers! One lucky Mommies with Style reader can win a bottle of VaselineSpray & Go Moisturizer (this stuff moisturizes deeply and absorbs in just seconds - you guys will love it, I promise!) and a $100 gift card to buy … [Read more...]

When a brand emails you to ask if they can sponsor you to  go to Manhattan to attend a New York Fashion Show and you're a fashion & trend Mom blogger do you: 1) Scream 2) Play it cool 3) Freak out and think, "what will I wear?" and have a huge panic as you tear your closet apart {Related post: What to Wear to NYFW} 4) All of the … [Read more...]

Just YESTERDAY (OMG!) I found out that I was headed to a show with New York Fashion Week with Vaseline Spray & Go.  I'm am thrilled!  It's a great sponsorship opportunity for me but sometimes one of these events happen and I'm all, "whoa this is cool."  And, "WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!" I went to New York Fashion Week two years … [Read more...]

Earlier in June, I wrote about Vaseline's Spray & Go Moisturizer.  I continue to use and love it for the efficiency factor.  You can literally spray on your lotion with no need to spend time spreading it on - it goes on easily, quickly and with a non greasy feeling.  You can literally spray it on, pull a pair of pants on and go! Today I'm … [Read more...]

It's always a rush in my house these days.  We're running to the bus.  Or karate.  Or I have two hours to get to the grocery store, write 3 posts and solve world peace.  Because I'm crimped for time, I'm all about the time saver.   I've been using and loving this new product from Vaseline - Vaseline's Spray & Go Moisturizer.  Now I know … [Read more...]

So I'm digging this new product from Vaseline - Vaseline's Spray & Go ($8, Soap.com).  It's brand new to the market and at first I was a bit skeptical.  Like, really, do I need to add spray lotion into the mix?  Am I that lazy that I also can't squirt it out of the bottle and rub it on and I need it to be in spray form? The answer is YES! … [Read more...]

When Vaseline approached me about doing a winter campaign with them, they offered several family fun activities as options to engage the fam in a group activity. I picked making asSnowman but after I responded, I thought - uh-oh, what if we don't get snow? Luckily (or not? If you feel about snow as I do.), we got plenty of snow over the holiday … [Read more...]

When I was a kid, I had the worst kind of chapped hands during the winter time.  In particular, I remember my hands at their worst during my junior high school years when we lived on the north shore of Chicago.  It would get bitterly cold and I remember the piercing pain of hands that cracked to the point of bleeding as I stood outside of school … [Read more...]