Don't get pulled into the thinking that the only good gifts are brand new. There are lots of great gift ideas that have been around for a while and guess what - they are still awesome. Take the Wii for example. Originally released in 2006, the Wii is still the worldwide leader in gaming console sales with new games being released throughout the … [Read more...]

So I was just tooling around Amazon and this came up as recommended for me:  Plants Vs. Zombies for the Nintendo DS. I won't go into how Amazon could possibly know that we're completely obsessed with the PC-version of the game, but I'm sure we'll get up getting this for the boys on the DS once it's out.  My only disappointment: that it doesn't … [Read more...]

Another product we brought along on our trip last month was a Nintendo DSi system. My daughter couldn’t have been more thrilled about receiving it. She actually might have been more excited about getting it than going on the actual trip! For those of you who are unfamiliar with a Nintendo DSi, it is a portable gaming system that kids love! The … [Read more...]

If your kids liked the movie Up, and use a Nintendo DS, here's a game to check out.  THQ Video Games released Up for the Nintendo DS in May of this year.  Check it out - the DS version is $27.99 on Amazon.   Don't have a DS?  Never fear - there's also versions of the game for the Wii, PS2 & 3, Xbox and your PC. … [Read more...]