Looking for an easy way to engage your littlest ones in the history and traditions of Judaism? If they love the monsters of Sesame Street then definitely check out the Shalom Sesame series, its a friendly way to introduce traditions and the Jewish culture. In New Shalom Sesame #2: Chanukah - The Missing Menorah, which was just released in … [Read more...]

This is one of those toy suggestions that everyone Mom is going to curse me for.  But your kids will love me.  Stinky the Garbage Truck was the big gift in our house this week for Cole's 4th birthday party.  He's been watching the commercial for weeks now and it's been at the top of his "Must Have" list. While the retail list is pricey … [Read more...]

I most certainly had never thought of a video camera as a fashion accessory until I saw one of the high definition ones from the Luxe Collection by DXG. This High-Definition Video Camera (DXG-533V HD) records 720p HD video, comes with a 3-inch tilt screen and an oh-so-pretty carrying case. And yes, I know you shouldn't select your video … [Read more...]

I've got the magic formula to banish boredom this summer . Believe it or not all it takes is a simple book, and sidewalk chalk. Coursing Around has detailed drawings, suggestions, and rules, for turning your driveway, cul de sac, school or park blacktop into a fun filled obstacle course. One part inspiration, and two parts perspiration, it is … [Read more...]