I have to tell you, I think ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) gets me. Just like me, they're not too into commercialism and way more into products that make a child do, think and learn. Which, as anyone who has been reading my reviews the past 5(!) years knows is completely my style of toys. This year, ASTRA created a Best … [Read more...]

Hard to believe one week ago I already had my precious little one in my arms. Of course, it wasn't hard to fall in love instantly. And once we arrived home, we really fell in love with some great baby products... old and new. Not for the baby, but I recently shared that I'd be using my Lori Greiner Weekender bag for my hospital bag. Would you … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago we reviewed WEDGiTS. In the review, we tried to steer you in the right direction – which is best to buy for your family. Just thought we would sweeten the purchase with a promotion code for 10% off and free freight (good thru the end of June) using the following voucher 105092467. … [Read more...]