My 5K walk is this Sunday and I think I'm ready. Last weekend I finally broke my usual 2.5 mile practice record and did 3.25 miles at a local park. I did 3 laps around the trail (equal to 3.25 miles), when I would usually do two (equals 2.5 miles). The first lap was easy. The second lap was difficult. I wanted to stop but pushed myself. The last … [Read more...]

As I continue on my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, I'm interested in finding recipes to fill me up and please my palate. I love the Weight Watchers Momentum Cookbook ($14.95) because I can find great recipes that help me keep on planĀ  ---and are delicious to serve to my family. There are recipes for breakfast, packable lunches, … [Read more...]

I just finished my 2nd week of training for the Weight Watchers Momentum Walk-It Blog-it Challenge. Finding the time has been the hardest thing. I haven't found a team yet, so I'm doing two long walks per week (around 2.5 miles). I walk with my family on the weekend and by myself (with a child or two in a stroller) during the week, plus short walks … [Read more...]