Where the heck did THIS GAME come from? I consider myself pretty versed in the gaming world - having two boys who are gamers and being a gamer myself, I usually know what's coming out or what's hot but this new game for the Nintendo Wii U called Splatoon took me by surprise. Peripherally I started hearing about Splatoon around a month ago. It … [Read more...]

Is anyone out there playing the new Skylanders Trap Team yet?  It came out last week and I feel like I haven't been hearing as much buzz as I have in the past. We have yet to dive in.  My youngest (and the Skylanders guru in the house) turns 8 in early November so we always hold out  for his birthday to open up the latest version of the game. … [Read more...]

I've been shopping around trying to find a good deal on the WiiU this week.  The best deal I've been able to find by far is today on GameStop.com.  They are offering the WiiU System for $299 as a bundle with two additional games - Super Mario Bros U and Super Luigi.  Considering these games are $39.99 each and the Wii U retails for $329, I think … [Read more...]