About a year ago, I stumbled upon a Groupon deal that seemed to good to pass up. It was a case of wine for some crazy discounted price and I decided to take a chance and order. I ordered a case of 12 bottles - 6 reds and 6 whites and the Groupon gave me something like 75% off. I figured the wine wouldn't be good but the price made it worth the … [Read more...]

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine. And being a lightweight, it doesn't take much for me to have a big old headache the next day. So I was intrigued to learn more when I recently learned aboutMia Rosa wines - a lower in alcohol wine. It's an Italian wine that has recently come to the states. They have a Moscato (white) and Dolce Rosso … [Read more...]

A couple of months ago I bought a Groupon for Barclay's Wine.  I was pleased with the assortment of wines I received and hope to order from them again soon.  This Valentine's Day Barclay's Wine Special Valentine's Day Offer email hit my inbox and is definitely temping.  For $8.23 you can get an assortment of wines and receive a case for 98.75. … [Read more...]

This past summer, I "Lost the Bottle" and tasted Black Box Wines for the first time. I'm far from a wine snob but I definitely had preconceived notions about how wine in a box would taste. After tasting it, I have to say, I'm not sure why I had that thought - it was fab! Here's what I love about Black Box Wines - they are affordable and you get … [Read more...]

Every now and then, a pitch will hit my inbox that has me shouting, "YES!" This was one of those times. I'll admit, if it involves wine, chances are I'm gonna be pretty psyched. CalNaturale is organic wine that comes in a sustainable packaging. What's not to love about that. Okay I joke that it's like a juice box for Moms but really, these … [Read more...]

I know I shouldn't be influenced by a label when it comes to wine, but the honest truth is that I love the name and look of these Little Black Dress wines.  It's just makes me want to uncork it and hang with the girls - am I right? So as a bonus, the wine is good!  I tested in out the Little Black Dress Chardonnay and I was not disappointed. … [Read more...]

****** CONTEST NOW CLOSED ************* CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER JANICE! Gifts, parties, and the holiday season are just around the corner which has me thinking a lot about....wine. Wine really is the perfect gift. It's easy to give, received with a smile, and it's good for your health! But picking out just the right bottles can be tedious … [Read more...]

Red wine with red meat and white wine with fish and chicken, right? Or is it full-bodied wines with heavier meals and white wines with lighter meals? And what wines do you serve with soup, salads or desserts? Usually I tend to buy one type of wine - big, bold reds - because it's what I like to drink best, but sometimes, I admit, I notice that my … [Read more...]

One of the brands that I was just enamored with last weekend at Style School, a blogger event I helped to host in New York City, was Cameron Hughes wine. Let me preface this review by saying I'm the farthest thing from an experienced wine connoisseur. While I do enjoy a glass of wine pretty regularly, I'm a strict cheap Pinot Grigio kind of … [Read more...]

How cool is this Reclaimed Textile Spool Rack?  Wish it weren't $275.00 but pretty neat, huh? $275.00 at UnCommonGoods.com. … [Read more...]