Now that my oldest son is in Kindergarten and my middle child is entering preschool this month, it's finally time for some much- deserved "me-time" (or as much "me-time" as I can get with an almost 5 month old baby). And that brings us to Wisk -  our 3rd and last experiment is about taking some "me-time".  We're going to see how an oil stain (lip … [Read more...]

As part of our Wisk Review posts, my son and I did an experiment with a protein stain. There are hundreds of stains, most are either protein, carbohydrate or oil stains. A protein stain can be eggs, spinach.. and even grass (which I didn't realize). Wisk sent my family a box of materials to see if we could conquer protein stains. Our Assignment: … [Read more...]

When I hear the slogan "Ring Around the the Collar"-- it automatically brings me back to those classic "Ring Around the Collar" commercials on TV in the '70's and '80's. Well, Wisk has changed a little, but is still committed to fighting stains. A new version of the famous red bottle, Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology, has just been introduced … [Read more...]