I stumbled across a few fun black& white themed pins this week on Pinterest and got on a black & white kick. Here's a couple of the pins - Love these looks. So year round and versatile and you can always snazz up any of these looks with a colorful scarf or shoes if you feel like you need a little splash of color: I love … [Read more...]

For the last 8 years, I've pretty much been wearing the same gym uniform.  Cropped capri active pants from Athleta, mostly sports bras from Athleta and always layered with an Old Navy fitted tank top.  I'm at the gym 5 days a week so you can find me in these clothes often! {by the way - I still wear and love my Urban Halo headbands} Lately … [Read more...]

So I was in-store at my local J.Jill yesterday.  One of their stylists came up to me and asked if I was shopping because of the sale.  What sale, I asked?  I was there because I'm a part of a cool event that I'll be helping to host next week - more will be posted here and on All Things Chic next week.  But in the meantime, my ears perked up … [Read more...]

Box number 2 from Stitch Fix! I went with a video this time. It's kind of long. Clearly I need to get working not only on my video skills but my STOP TALKING skills. I start showing the pieces towards the end of four minutes if you want to go directly there - the first few minutes I am explaining Stitch Fix and how the service works, so if you … [Read more...]

Attempting to keep warm this past week with the crazy cold weather, it was all about layering. Looks like much of the country is going to get a warm snap this weekend but we all know it won't last! Here's a couple of ideas for some style as it cools off again. And by the way, I do all of these collages on Polyvore. You can go crazy on Polyvore … [Read more...]

Today's post is about J.Jill, the women's clothing store. Have you guys shopped there before? I have to admit, I hadn't before this campaign. I had been hearing my sister-in-law rave about them for years but for some reason I had never set foot in-store or online at JJill.com. As a part of this campaign, I was given a gift card to shop at J.Jill. … [Read more...]

Hey all. Remember earlier this month when I took a couple of friends and we went for pedicures thanks to a campaign I'm doing with Skinny Cow? Well Friday was my birthday, which turned out to be fab timing because I was off to Nordstrom for an appointment with a personal shopper to help me try on some great styles and pieces so I could look stylish … [Read more...]

Last fall, I had hosted a small gathering of friends in my house with Lee Jeans.  Lee Jeans flew out to Philly to fit us in some of their jeans.  I'll be honest - prior to that party, the name "Lee Jeans" immediately took me back to my middle school fashion experiences in the 80s.  I would not have considered Lee Jeans in 2012 for jeans to wear … [Read more...]

I'm loving my new Maxi Dress from American Eagle ($39.50)! i got it recently with an internet coupon code and I could not get enough of it this weekend. Cute, right? Here I am in it. (Clearly this is me. I mean duh. There's a roll of toliet paper in the picture and it's a bad quality photo but you get the gist.) And then here's the … [Read more...]

Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?  It's always fun to watch the celebrities for a night - from being entertained with lavish gowns to laughing at Billy Crystal who always delivers - the Oscars will be the talk online for days to come. So what dress or look was your favorite?  Here were some of mine: Penelope Cruz just looks … [Read more...]