A couple of weeks ago, my local gym had weekend-long coupons to my local Athleta and to use on Athleta.com. It was 3 days of 20% off with this personalized coupon so of course I took advantage as Athleta coupons are few and far between! Athleta still continues to my fav shop for workout gear. I'll sometimes piece up a piece or two at the Gap but … [Read more...]

I've been pretty much living at the gym lately.  (Not that it's doing me any good.  Yet.)  Because of that, I'm needing like 5-6 different workout outfits a week and I had a lot less "cute" workout gear than I thought I did. So I'm in the market for some new workout gear.  Here's a few pieces I've been coveting online: Flattering cut on … [Read more...]