Is anyone out there playing the new Skylanders Trap Team yet?  It came out last week and I feel like I haven't been hearing as much buzz as I have in the past. We have yet to dive in.  My youngest (and the Skylanders guru in the house) turns 8 in early November so we always hold out  for his birthday to open up the latest version of the game. … [Read more...]

My boys are big fans of Marvel Avengers ever since seeing the movie at the end of last year. So after getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas, they were doubly excited to play the new Ubisoft Marvel Avengers game - Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth ($44.79 on Amazon with free shipping). Fight together or fight each other but this game is really cool … [Read more...]

Hot deal alert!!! I just got this in my inbox - you can now get the Xbox with Kinect for $99! It involves signing up for a subscription service with Xbox Live but then you have access a ton of great games and if you have kids, you were probably signing up already! Check it out - get the Xbox with Kinect for $99. That page will take you to all … [Read more...]

My boys don't know it yet, but they are going to be getting an Xbox 360 w/Kinect for Christmas this year! I've been wanting to get them one forever and this year especially, Nate (8) has been asking over and over again. So I was thrilled when I won one at a blogging event this summer! It's taking all of my willpower not to give it to them … [Read more...]

So last weekend I was up in New York City for BlogHer, which you guys have heard me talk about over the years. It's an annual women's blogging conference but really it ends up being a chance for me to see all of my amazing blogging friends and to catch up with the brands and see what's new and what's going to be hot on the market for the upcoming … [Read more...]

I'm seriously considering this one.  After playing on a few Kinect games at BlogHer last summer, I got thinking that I'd love to add an Xbox 360 to our house. (I'm a closet Mom gamer!)  After tweeting about it a bit, a friend came back with this awesome deal.  I price checked and this is a FAB deal.  Even Amazon had this same deal for a … [Read more...]

So people are loving my nephew Sully's review on YouTube of new game Battlefield Bad Company 2.  Apparently it's the hot new game to have.   (It's currently ranked #4 for games on Amazon so that has to say something, right?) Here Sully does a review of it - it's hot off the shelves so check it out.  If you want to impress a nephew, … [Read more...]