Inner Rainbow Project wants to create a world where every girl grows up confident and connected to her true self! My mom LOVES yoga and wants to show me how practicing yoga and learning about chakras can help me and young girls feel more confident about themselves and their bodies. Inner Rainbow Project has amazing products such as yoga cards, … [Read more...]

My mom and I came across these great matching leggings from Pineapple Clothing. I'm normally not a matching clothes type of girl, but these are really cool. They are super comfortable! The material is like a leotard, so I can really move in it. They also have a lot of other matching clothes like dresses, tops and pants, which would be great for … [Read more...]

Believe it or not, summer can be stressful. Working in the King of Prussia mall nearly 40 hours a week can really test your temper. On top of that, the constant pressure to be in your best bikini bod shape really pays a toll physically and mentally. If you're anything like me, relaxing doesn't come easy. I, with help from society, have taught … [Read more...]