Is your diaper bag, work bag, or camera strap making you crazy? Do you hate the way it cuts into your shoulder? Does your back ache from carrying your loaded bag?

I have a solution for you! I was so excited when Go Gaga started selling their ingenious Urban Sherpa shoulder straps separate from their bags. Their bags are certainly awesome too, but what about all my beloved bags that have less comfy straps? I don’t want to abandon them. So an aftermarket fix is simply brilliant.

Urban Sherpa Straps clip onto any bag with rings for a strap (and  I’m told they work with many SLR cameras as well) They are similar in function to a baby sling. The strap is actually a wide band of stretchy fabric that spreads out over your shoulder and across your back. You know how the distribution of weight makes  all the difference in the world when you are babywearing. The same principles apply when you are bag wearing.

A cell phone compartment that closes with velcro adds extra convenience to this thoughtful product. They are perfectly unisex and prime for stocking stuffing.

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