Have a fridge full of timeless art? Items you want to save from preschool or craft time, but not sure how to keep them from fraying, fading and crumbling? Want to share your little one’s art with the world? I can answer all those questions with resounding YESes! And who doesn’t? At the beginning of Carson’s first year at school, we took a liquor box, painted and decorated it to become his “cubby.” And everyday that he brought new artwork home, the items that didn’t go on the fridge, went into his cubby. Give the space on the fridge even the fridgeworthy art was soon sent to the cubby. So, here I am with a box full of goodies. Crafty art created by a 2-year-old, and a new school year starting next week. My original plan was to close up the box, and start another. But I can only imagine our basement of boxes that I’ll have when Carson packs up for college. Not to mention that Wes will have boxes… and so will any future kids. My husband’s work room will quickly disappear.
Alas, what to do with the priceless art? If you can select your favorites, I have an answer! Send them to Z-Squared Graphics. They’ll take your favorites and create museum-quality photo-collages. Much thicker than a “Teenbeat” poster, Swee’Pea posters take 4-9 of your child’s artwork, professionally scan, and arrange like a museum poster–including the name, message, title and date.
Create a theme if you would like (examples: “Alex’s Preschool Art,” “Sammy’s Cars,” “Photos by Jen,” or “Grandma’s Favorites”) or focus on a color. Or, if your kids’ art is like mine, just send a mixture of your favorite pictures. Even a 2-year-old’s work will look professional when you get it back–posterized!
Posters are available framed, drymounted or as a poster sheet. Want more than one? They’ll discount multiples. Z-Squared Graphics will also turn your child’s artwork into notecards.
Sure, it seems like the holiday season is months away, but it’ll creep up on us. And before you know it, you’ll be running around looking for the perfect gift. Check out Swee’Pea Posters now, and if you can’t use it today for this holiday season, bookmark it for the future. Just remember, turnaround is generally 3-5 weeks, but can get backed-up during busy seasons–like the December Holidays, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. So if you’ve already selected your favorites, send them in now and get that holiday shopping finished.
Or be like me… create a new cubby this year, and have a separate cubby where you’re collecting the 4-9 favorites to remember the year. I’m looking forward to adorning my kids’ art on their playroom walls… and spilling over to our family room, my office, my husband’s office…
Swee’Pea Posters is offering a 10% discount on posters only. On the order sheet there is a line which asks for “Special Instructions.” Just write “MWS06” on that line, and the 10% discount will be applied.


  1. OMG, this is the coolest thing yet. Brilliant! My artsy MIL will absolutely love this….

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