We have a ton of little batteries in the house.  You guys know the ones I’m talking about – they are the little round ones that go in watches, hearing aids, and in our house – dozens of Hexbugs.

I can’t even fathom how I’d deal with it if I had little kids that were at that dangerous age where they put everything in their mouth.  Actually yes I do – I know I’d get rid of them all and my boys would have to be Hexbug free for awhile.  Because these round and shiny batteries are totally appealing to a toddler and unfortunately lately there have been more and more sad stories lately about toddlers eating these.

It’s especially dangerous because these batteries can get stuck in a child’s throat – and if they don’t cause choking but remain lodged in the throat, they are still a serious threat because the battery acid can cause extreme burns in the throat.

Energizer and Safe Kids USA are raising awareness with the Battery Control Pledge.  You can follow them on Twitter @BatteryControl and they’ve launched the website The Battery Controlled. Take the Pledge on their site and please help to spread the word to Keep Your Children safe from the dangers of coin lithium button batteries.

Here is the Pledge:

1. Keep out of reach. Devices with coin lithium button batteries have no place in unsupervised hands or toy boxes.

2. Get help fast. Life-threatening damage can happen in as few as 2 hours.

3. Tell others.


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