Recently I heard something that sounded too good to be true. It was about a shoe that reduced cellulite, just by wearing it. Seriously. Well I figured that if I had to throw myself in front of that train for the benefit of you readers, so be it. I was willing to do that for you all. Okay, okay…maybe not just for you all. Maybe it was in the name of science. Or something. Comfort, lets say.
Comfort, is the genuine reason for the invention of MBT Swiss Masai trainers.
The shoes, which have been intensely biomechanically engineered, were invented to mimic the stride of Masai tribespeople and Korean rice paddy workers. The inventor did extensive research and discovered that back pain in these cultures is rare to nonexistant. He studied their gait, the way they walked on sand, how their feet moved in a rolling fashion, engaging many more muscle groups in the process. Apparently most American and Euro footwear has us walking rather unnaturally and under or over utilizing certain muscle groups. Sort of reminds me of what tv does to the brain.
Anyway, the shoes were strange to look at at first, with their rocking chair soles. I headed over to my local Foot Solutions store. I highly recommend this chain if you are interested in this shoe. You will need to have the shoe properly fitted, and the sizing is very different from other shoe lines. So save yourself the guess work and get fitted!
As strange as they were to look at, at first they were even stranger to wear. But in a good way. First thing that I noticed, was that it is impossible to slouch in these shoes. The curved sole requires constant balancing and thus, no slouching. You just can’t. Second thing that I noticed, was that the nearly constant pressure that I feel near the base of my spine was gone. I was a little sore after my first full day of wearing them. Like I’d taken the stairs instead of the elevator all day long. Not terribly so, but I was feeling the burn.
Over the next few weeks, as I continued to wear the shoes around, I noticed myself also sitting straighter. When I wore them to go for long walks I felt energized and able to walk for longer, as I was not experiencing the usual pain from my badly pronated and flat feet. The shin splints that have plagued me for years were nothing but a vague memory of the past. And I found myself wearing the shoes even when I did not have to, just because they are so comfortable to walk in, and I do so much running around on a daily basis. I cannot say that fashion is their main feature. They are not working for any look short of med tech, hip hop artist or granny mallstroller. But once you have reconciled yourself to that and have them on, you won’t really care. You will instantly feel transformed. And after a while their look grew on me. Maybe it’s related to my growing fondness for the shoe. Or maybe its just me exploring my Granny/Hip Hop/Med Tech side.
But what about the cellulite you ask? Well…. It’s still there. But less of it! There is definitely less. I can honestly say that my thighs are looking firmer. Maybe it is the ability to walk longer, but more probably it is the shoe. I cannot say I’ve ever noticed these type of results with any other trainer. So if my cellulite happens to dissapear one day… Well I’ll just take it in stride! If you live in my neck of the woods I’d recommend the Laguna Niguel Foot Solutions as a perfect place to be fitted for these shoes. If not, check for your local outlet. They are available at Zappos but you may find you take 2-3 sizes larger than your normal size. They are quite expensive, but given the enormous health benefit and the way that MBT stands behind their quality product (they will even resole the shoe for you if/when you wear it out), its not as much as it seems at first blush.
Next up, a bag that makes your tummy flat. Hey, a girl can dream!

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