picture-54 I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that it just keeps getting easier to feed your child healthy organic baby food. What was once a laborious task, with my oldest child (shopping, preparing, freezing, etc) has just become a no brainer with Ella’s Kitchen baby food products. A friend brought over a starter pack recently, suggesting I review them for Mommies With Style and I just want to send her a big public thanks! Even though we are not really in the baby food stage any more I will definitely buy this product to have on hand “in the mix”. If you are just starting out with baby foods or in the thick of infant feeding, seriously, you need this! Want to try it for yourself? One lucky reader will have the chance to try out a sample pack and I’m you’ll agree!

All the Ella’s Kitchen Stage 1 baby foods contain JUST organic fruits and vegetables, no fillers, no added salt or sugar, and unlike most baby foods, not even added water which would dilute its food value (if you look closely you’ll see that often up to 40% of many baby foods’ ingredients are actually water). The fruits and vegetables are pureed until smooth, gently pasteurized and popped into handy, light, re-sealable pouches.

Did I mention how much I like this packaging? It could not make eating on the run easier. The pouches have a sort of spout and a lid. You unscrew the lid to serve the food – just squeeze out what you need and recap, placing the remainder in fridge or freezer. If you’re in a pinch to serve a snack in the car, older toddlers can actually slurp the smoothie fruits and any of the Stage 1 blends, juice pouch style.

I never liked carrying glass containers of food in my bag, and frozen baby food is just not easy to deal with on the road, or on the spur of the moment. The fact that this food never needs to be refrigerated prior to use and has a 12 month shelf life without preservatives is just mind boggling and a little rock my world-ish. I had to read more about how they managed to do this. The secret is in the packaging, a method similar to canning but they’ve managed to preserve the nutritional integrity. Clearly the concept appealed to me from the start. There was only one last test to pass… The taste test!

For the taste test we brought in my 21 month old son. He’s past the baby food stage, clearly, but that did not dampen his enthusiasm for Ella’s kitchen foods. He happily slurped up the Smoothie Fruits and wanted to try all the Stage 1 foods. We let him try one a day (note: he would have happily tried them all at once, but moderation kiddo!) He actually would select the pouches himself, thinking carefully then announcing “I want yellow!” or “I want green!”. We packed pouches in his bag for the daycare at the gym and took some with us when we went out on errands or to dinner.

So far every pouch has been pronounced “yummy” and not “gucky” which is toddler for yucky, and in liberal use at our house. This overwhelming endorsement of non guckiness is like an awesome Michelin rating as far as we are concerned. I’m recommending this stuff to all my friends and buying more to have on hand for those days when all my son wants to eat is pasta and I want to get something else into him.

And now the giveaway… Leave a comment below telling us what flavor of Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food you think your child would enjoy the most. One winner will be chosen at random to receive a sample pack containing all 6 Stage 1 baby foods and the Smoothie fruits.


  1. Funny enough, I think my son would love the “Purple One”, the sweet potato, pumpkin, apple and blueberry. All foods he loves:)

  2. We’re just starting on foods here, so if I had to guess, it would be the carrot/apple/parsnip blend…based purely on the insane amount of carrots I ate while pregnant!

  3. I’d say Strawberries and Apples. But that may just be my preference. Sounds so good.

  4. I think Peaches & Bananas would be the winner in our house! Thanks

  5. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, and blueberry. Really, anything excpet peaches, which are the one food she refuses to eat!

  6. I think my daughter will love peaches and bananas.

  7. Mine would LOVE peaches and bananas!

  8. I think my daughter would absolutely LOVE the Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples and blueberry. I am excited to give these a try. Thanks for posting!

  9. These look awesome, i just love the convienence of them! I know my daughter would love the Sweet Potatoes concotion:)! Can’t wait to try!

  10. my little boy loves the spinach apple and swede more than any other, which i was suprised at!

  11. My son would love peaches & bananas!

  12. I think she’ll love the peaches and bananas flavor the most.

  13. My little one would LOVVE the strawberry & apple!!

  14. My little one would love the orange one.

  15. I would love the Peaches and Banana one. Oh, I mean DS would love it 🙂

  16. I think my boys would love the sweet potato pouch (purple)! They’re JUST starting baby foods and these would make it SO much easier for feeding twinfants.

  17. I am already addicted to Ella’s Kitchen! They are great, especially when you’re on the go. I just pop them in my bag and go. No messy bowls etc. to clean up. I must admit I have even fed my son without a spoon, just squeezing into his mouth. He loves it so much he sucks it like it’s a bottle 😛 Our favorite is the sweet potato, pumpkin, apple and blueberry!

  18. my daughter loves these!! we have 3 girls and are endlessly on the go!! these work for my 12 month old because i can unscrew them and go!!

  19. Strwawberries and Bananas for the older child but we’ll be starting the baby on solids in 3 weeks… I’d go with the carrots or sweet potatoes if she’s anything like her sister was

  20. Peaches and bananas sound yummy!!!! We’re new to solids in our house

  21. Hi. I’m having trouble with your blog. I can’t see the photos. Is everyone having this problem? I have been having trouble with my notebook lately, so I’m not sure if its me or if its your blog. Thanks!

  22. Tiffany O. says

    My son loves anything strawberry. So I think the Strawberry Apple would be great for us!

  23. Oooo! He might like the carrot/apple/parsnips. I gotta look for this brand. I really wanna know how the brocolli one is.

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  25. Holly Morris says

    My son would love the peaches and bananas I think. He’s such a picky eater that every day is surprise.

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