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Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine. And being a lightweight, it doesn’t take much for me to have a big old headache the next day. So I was intrigued to learn more when I recently learned aboutMia Rosa wines – a lower in alcohol wine. It’s an Italian wine that has recently come to the states. They have a Moscato (white) and Dolce Rosso (red.)

I tried the Moscato on New Years Eve. I knew I was driving home and wasn’t planning on much and the Mia Rosa Moscato was delightful. It has a slight bubble to it that was refreshing. I was able to safely drink a bit of this wine seeing as it has 5.5% alcohol (a lot less than my normal favorite wine, which has 12% alcohol).

Mia Rosa wines aren’t available yet but will be very soon in your local store. Keep an eye out and follow them on their various channels (find links on their website)! I’m currently cutting back as a part of a January New Years Resolution but once I am buying wine again I will definitely be drinking Mia Rosa again.

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